1. How did you get involved in the Crossfit lifestyle? 

I was dating someone who was pretty big into Crossfit and suggested I give it a try.  I hadn't even heard of Crossfit until a few weeks before I tried it.

2. What kind of physical background did you come from prior to Academy of Lions?

Not much to be honest.  I was a member at Goodlife fitness and did classes there occasionally.  I had never consistently worked out until I started doing crossfit

3. What kind of impact has your training had on your career as Veterinarian? 

As a vet, there are times when I have to lift, position or restrain big, strong dogs.  Crossfit has given me functional strength that has made a big difference in my ability to do those things and do them safely with minimal risk of injury. 

4. You’ve mentioned you’ve dropped into other Crossfit boxes while travelling. How was your experience away from AoL and did you feel that other Crossfit gyms have a very involved community?

I have always felt welcome at Crossfit gyms, no matter where in the world they've been.  I think that's one of the main reasons I love crossfit.  The sense of community and support is ubiquitous.  That being said, no gym has quite the same feel as AoL and I feel very lucky to have found it.

5. What other sort of physical activities do you enjoy while not training at our gym?

I grew up swimming but didn't play any sports.  In the past few years I've taken up surfing and I also love to hike (which it turns out, is just walking!)

6. You did Catch Us If You Can last year and placed 2nd with your team. How was your experience and do you plan to do it again this year? 

I loved Catch Us If You Can!  It was really fun and pretty challenging physically and mentally.  If I had my way however, there would have been 90% less running (without the support of my awesome teammates Amo and Phil, I wouldn't have made it).  Either way, I will definitely do it again!

7. When you first started with us, you mentioned being nervous and intimidated by this high intensity of exercise. How did you overcome that fear and invest more into the Academy?

My first session at Academy of Lions was early in the morning on an extremely hot summer day.  I had an intro session and almost passed out twice during the session!  I had to cut it short.  Needless to say I was pretty discouraged.  Even though I had this embarrassing experience, I was impressed by AoL and its supportive environment so I made sure I ate and drank enough and went back for another session and haven't looked back since. 

8. What were some of your biggest physical achievements/ milestones and do you have any goals set for the near future?

Becoming a level 4 and being on the team is an achievement I'm proud of.  I don't give myself many specific goals but I've got a photo on the wall with a snatch goal I hope to achieve one day! 

9. Could you tell us something that we may not know about you?

I'm a die hard karaoke fan.  No joke.

10. What sort of advice would you give to a Crossfit newcomer? 

To take it easy on yourself.  Crossfit has a lot of tricky movements that take time to perfect.  As a newcomer, it can be frustrating to feel so far behind but trust me, everyone started at the same place!