Feel Strength with Kettlebells by Dr. Paul

I first learned to be strong from a kettlebell.  During myStrongFirst Kettlebell instructor certification in 2013 my understanding of strength evolved.  Also, I got to meet and learn from one of my Strength Heroes, the Godfather of Kettlebells himself Pavel Tsatsouline.

I use kettlebells in rehab with my patients and in my own training.  As a health care practitioner and strength coach I use kettlebells to teach people how to FEEL strength.  In my own training I learned that strength comes from learning how to align the body and activate the right muscles.
Alignment helps create a good frame or structure, to drive with the right muscles to move weight effectively.   To achieve this I learned how to use relaxed-tension.  It is an art and skill to engage the right muscles and not over activate others.

I use the principles that I learned with kettlebells and apply it to my barbell training.  I find that kettlebells are the perfect compliment to my barbell lifts, kettlebells allow me to get into positions and work through weakness that I can’t get to with a barbell.

Come join me in my Kettlebell class and learn how to FEEL Strength.
Every Thursday at 5:30pm, Sign up on Wodify.

Dr. Paul Oh
Performance Therapist / Chiro
StrongFirst Kettlebell instructor