Lisa Smith, one the humblest of athletes, answers our questions asking her about how she got into the Crossfit world, surviving the 2016 Open, and balancing her fitness & nutrition lifestyle with her career as a Nurse.

How did you discover Crossfit?

I discovered Crossfit when I was working on an international project in Qatar a couple years ago. There was a group of us from SickKids who would work out in the hotel gym after our work day was done. One of the girls in the group was a crossfitter and started giving us workouts to do as a group. I eventually realized the workouts were crossfit inspired and loved it!

This same group of people said I reminded them of a girl they worked with, Steph (what a compliment !). I got into contact with Steph Aguanno through facebook and she recommended the Academy to me.  I looked the Academy up online and knew it was something I wanted to try

How do you balance your personal fitness training with your job?

I make fitness a priority in my life. Not only has fitness become a routine part of my life, I know that if I don’t do it regularly I will not feel as good mentally and physically.

I do 12 hour shifts, so I tend to fit fitness around work. On my days off I will for sure work out. But when I work days it is either too early to too late to fit in a work out or  I’m too exhausted to work out. When I’m on night shift I will work out before my first night and after my last night (after I’ve napped!).

Is it hard to maintain healthy eating habits with such a busy work schedule?

It is, but it is possible to still eat healthy when you are busy as long as if you are determined and plan ahead. When I know I’m going to be at work or away from home for awhile, I make sure to bring my own nutritious meals and snacks. I still find though that there are times when I still need a treat here and there because I just want one or because I’m stressed and tired. Everything in moderation!

How did the crossfit open go? Any obstacles? PRs?

The open went pretty well, I’ve found the workouts obtainable. They are always a challenge, but I feel more confident going into the workouts this year than I did last year. The biggest obstacle I had was doing the Rx workout in 16.3 because I can’t do bar muscle ups yet.

What differences did you find when doing workouts in the open for scaled division vs RX division?

I did 14.3 scaled. I didn’t find a big difference, but I was glad that there was a scaled option. It made me feel like I still had a really good workout, was challenged, and it felt good to be cheered on by everyone at the gym. It was better than just doing 10 snatches!

Do you have any open resolutions? Goals that you wish to achieve by the next open?

I want to keep improving my HSPUs, pull-ups (hopefully get butterfly pullups) and work toward getting a muscle up.

Are there any upcoming events that you wish to participate in? Goodlife Marathon? Spartan Race?

Beach WOD!, obtain my level 1 CrossFit coaching certification.

Anything you wish to share with us that we may not know about you?

I’ve done 5 half marathons, in the past.

Do you have a role model currently doing the open? If so, who?

All the strong confident ladies in the gym! Off the top of my head: Francis, Mel, Freya.