In this week’s podcast Dhani and I explore the ideas around Happiness and Mindfulness - these are topics that are the subject of decades of research and there is no doubt that we could all benefit from spending some quiet time in our lives deliberately exploring what these ideas mean to us. There are 10 things that are associated with achieving greater and deeper Happiness or, as it is known in research circles: “Subjective Well Being”. While each of these is worthy of it’s own podcast and post here’s the list to give you something to think about:

  1. Gratitude - One of the strongest predictors of happiness
  2. Cultivate optimism
  3. Avoid overthinking and comparison
  4. Practice kindness (aka pay it forward)
  5. Build and nurture relationships
  6. Develop coping strategies aka resilience
  7. Practice forgiveness
  8. Increase flow (I promise I will explain this in a future post)
  9. Savour life - a bit like gratitude but more linked to the experience you are having this second
  10. Commit to your goals - which of course means, you have spent the time defining them

There is a common thread that runs through all ten of these and that is the need to slow down.  Even sometimes - just take a few deep breaths, bring in your focus, take a minute to centre yourself…see how much calmer you feel?  Now have a spectacular day :-)