This weeks podcast on Vitamin D3 was a quick one and hopefully informative to most of you. I came across this interesting article in Medscape today talking about the dangers of avoiding the sun completely.  

Now, before you report me to the Skin Cancer Police hear me out - nobody is saying we should go back to our foil reflector baby oil ways (if you have any idea what I am talking about you have zero chance of hiding your age LOL) but there is an argument to be made for reasonable sun exposure depending on your natural skin pigmentation (darker skinned people need more) in order to allow your body to produce Vitamin D3. 

For those of you who are more time poor, consider that the study quoted found that in people who developed melanomas they were more deadly for people who were deficient in D3 speaking to the role that D3 plays in immunity for one.

One last point - if you must be in the sun for extended periods of time (which is NOT advised) please choose your sunscreen wisely - most of the products on the market contain harmful chemicals which present hazards of their own and may themselves open the door to cancer.  Look for Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which sit ON the skin so present a barrier.  For more info check out the EWG.org Skin Deep Database - a fantastic resource for choosing the best and safest household or personal care products.

Here comes the SUN!!  Stay safe but don’t hide!! 

To add a bit of detail to this weeks podcast episode on Vitamin D3 I have written a short post on my blog with a few of the more important points we may or may not have covered.  Check out nniddam.wordpress.com and search D3.