Written by Richmond | Academy of Lions Coach | Toronto

As the open season starts worldwide, here at the Academy it signifies a new annual program cycle for the crossfit programming. As you may know we are introducing some new movements and skills to help build out a wider base of athletics but reintegrating some old habits to ensure we don't lose touch of the basics. 

The New Cycle

Our goal for the programming is to focus of GPP (general physical preparedness) so introducing new movements that will challenge different positions which is applicable to daily life and longevity is the goal. 

For example:
Butterfly squats:

Before March we have been ramping up for the open with higher volumed work within a short time frame. As we move back to strict and slow gymnastics to build fundamental strengths, look forward to new skills to include to your repertoire such as skin the cats, archer pull ups and dragon flags.

Way of the Barbell
We ended the previous training cycle with quite a bit of heavy 3 & 1 Rep-maxes, with all types of pausing. As we go through the 5 weeks of Open season we will focus on odd weightlifting. Meaning the focus will be on different types of accessory movements built to strengthen the basics along with giving the nervous system a bit of a break from the heavy stuff. Slowly as they year goes on we will then focus on volume to build up base strength along with adjusting to our new percentages after a year of PR's, which leads into tempo work, which goes right back into heavy 3's, and 1's, which means new PR's.

With the weather warming up we will introduce more outdoor components to our workouts including running... yes, running. Not only is it a fundamental athletic skill but it's the best way to hone in your pacing game for workouts and increase base aerobic capacity. The run crew runs every Thursday nights at 6:30pm, Sundays at 10am and Wednesday speed work at 7:30pm. Keep an eye out for upcoming running clinics to change your minds about running. Don't hate it till your try it... especially if you don't know how to run. academyoflions.com/runcrew

Metcon Classes
The metcon classes are designed for beginners who like to supplement their training with some weights and bodyweight conditioning. The skill level of all the movements are at a level where beginners can pick up quickly and the experienced Crossfitter can work hard to work on their capacity. 

If you know someone who would like to get started but are intimidated by all the weights and intensity of the crossfit classes then suggest our metcon classes. If they decide to join any membership then you can get a personal training session on us via our Lions Share program. academyoflions.com/lions-share

Your training is the most effective when you have a goal. This keeps you focused for the upcoming year and your training time efficient. If you haven't posted a goal on our goal wall then you should! Declare your goal, we take your photo, donate to a good cause and everyone will keep you accountable. Any goal, where it be physical, mental or spiritual, post it up and show your pride for the hard work you're about to put in. academyoflions.com/inthis2gether

Fist Bumps/High Fives
As a coach, all we want is the best for our members and provide the best service and experience we can. As a community we strive grow through physical culture and mindful living. As members we hope for you to do your best and continue to fight for your goals and hope you continuously achieve new ones. If we all get to do that then we walk out these doors better than we walked in.