As we gear up towards another open season lets chat about Knowing your strengths, weaknesses and limits!

When prepping for competition I like to use the 3 Ps:

  • Practice
  • Pacing
  • Planning

Practice: This means go over the movement standards, make sure you won't get 'no-rep'ed and know whether each movement involved is a strength or a weakness for you. 
Doing a 'dry run' of some or the whole workout at 60%-80% capacity can help you decide how to split up reps and sets, where you fall apart and when things fail if you've set the pacing bar too high on the first go. Practice is key to the next point, pace.

Pacing: This is SO crucial to any athlete hoping to do their personal best. No matter what the length of the workout, you should know at what pace you will start and what pace you aim to finish each workout. Knowing where your 'rest' is, is also crucial to this, which if you did point 1, and practiced, then you would know where that is for you. In every workout, there is a movement to recover on. It's your job to figure out which movement it happens to be for you in the individual case of each workout.

That rest movement should be the mental place of recovery and the movement in which you get on top of your breathing rhythm and slow your heart rate down as much as possible. 

Another good way of pacing is to have a goal time for each round. So know know where you stand goal wise in the middle of a workout, when to slow down and when to speed up. This brings me to point 3: Planning.

Planning: You should have a clear plan of what your goal is, how long each round should take you, when and how you will break up sets and reps and where you should be in the works out by what time. You get this plan by doing points 1 and 2. And this is the best way to keep you on track and allow you to properly asses how well you did in a workout.

These 3 Ps will help any athlete do their very best in any workout which is all we can each ask for!

Happy open prep everyone. Don't forget to register before February 15th!