Written by Academy Coach Frances Young.

Lions League is a legacy. Six in-house competitions have taken place and the first throw down wasn't even called Lions League. You are now locked in, no backing out now. Some of you newbies or seventh time to be athletes are scared, feeling apprehensive but at least, 10% excited…or 200% engines blasting enthusiastic! 

I want to remind you these were all of the feelings you had before you joined the Academy. Either for Metcon classes or you heard about the fitness phenomenon of CrossFit and wanted to add fitness and community into your lifestyle. It is only natural to have all of these feelings before any competition, frankly I would be nervous if you didn’t, but I just want to tell you and/or help you remember that Lions League is more than just a competition. 

I have been apart of the Academy of Lions for just under two years. Yes, if you dare to believe. Once you become apart of the family, you are apart of it for life! Lions League is just another day to come into the space you have come to know, workout with new and old friends and have a great time doing it. Simple as that. The personal challenge, team work and atmosphere is exactly what keeps you coming back for more day after day and it is only heightened on the day we dub ‘Lions League’. Now it wouldn’t be a competition day without some friendly head-to-head battles of who is the fittest, who can lift the most, who can do the most pull-ups, etc, but Lions League is also a stepping stone for turning your workout routine into more than getting sweaty and your ass-kicked. If you are new to the sport of fitness, you may realize you want to compete more and prep for the CrossFit Open in February/March 2017 or train to get onto the Level 4 or L5 competitive teams at the Academy. Possibly you will be retiring after doing so many Lions Leagues that you are ‘passing on the torch’ to the next generation. What ever the case, Lions League is for everyone and as much as there will be nerves involved, all you have to do is show up, be present, communicate with your team and give it your all! Then you’ve already won.



'Competition day' may be routine for some, but for others it is a whole new experience. As a young girl growing up I started doing highland dance competitions at the ripe age of seven, so I have had many years to get my cookie-cutter prep, game day face and post competition glow figured out. However, every sport and competition has its differences. Here is a breakdown of what I will be bringing on competition day and a checklist you can use to get yourself ready for the big-day!


  1. SLEEP!!!: I may sound like your mother, or that this is just common sense before a competition, but I’m going to say it anyways. Go to bed early the night before to get some well deserved R and R!
  2. SNACKS AND CAFFINE: There is dinner provided at the end of the day, however, don’t hold out until then. Make sure you are fuelled in the morning, with more than just 3 cups of coffee. Again, I sound like your mother but more than one of you reading this checklist will say, 'Yea yea...' and find yourself in a rush on the morning of, when you don’t have food in the fridge or pre-made something to grab-and-go. It is a long day with lots of waiting, bring food and drinks to stay fuelled, hydrated and happy.
  3. CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Mother hen again, bring ‘warm-up clothes’ in case we are outside, as we do live in Canada, an extra pair of gym clothes entirely to compete in that you feel like a million bucks in and maybe even a blanket to cuddle up and watch events when it isn’t your time to shine.
  4. TEAM SPIRIT: Last, but certainly not least, I’ll let you in on a little secret. As much as winning any competition is the icing on a cake to a fantastic day, Lions League and the Academy it’s self for that matter has never been about winning or loosing, it’s about showing up, working out, having some laughs and feeling, pardon me, f$*!cking fantastic afterwards. So show up, suit up and just come move, lift some heavy things and become apart of the legacy that is Lions League.