Written by Nathalie Niddam - Holistic Nutritionist.

Everyone is always looking for the optimal post workout meal or shake - typically, people move towards some combination of carbs and protein as THE way to support refuelling and recovery.  But what if there was another way?  What if we actually tried a different formula?  Something like healthy fats and ketones with some other delicious ingredients that lend taste and function to the mix?  I’m reading a relatively new book called Primal Endurance where the authors put forward the idea that instead of serving up carbs post workout, serving up fat might help to train the body to burn fat instead of sugar for fuel - especially for those of you who touch on the endurance world this is an interesting concept to explore.  This would of course have to be part of a larger plan in order to really steer the ship in this direction but you should also know that your body is smart enough to use any carbs consumed later in the day to restore spent glycogen stores so all will not be lost if you go this way at least some of the time.  And - there’s plenty of evidence out there that pooh pooh’s the importance of that 30 minute refuelling window so again I ask you - why not try something different?

After last week’s Power Hour workout I served a post workout recovery drink to the participants that was a huge hit so I thought I would share it with the rest of the community.  While many people think of using ketones as a pre workout source of energy, there are some really good reasons to make sure you have some available in your body post workout:

1.      Ketones stabilize blood sugar and suppress appetite so may help you to avoid those post workout munchies that can pretty much negate many if not all the benefits of your hard work.

2.     Ketones also improve the body’s ability to synthesize protein meaning that they support muscular recovery and building….what better time than after you have challenged your muscles?

3.     Ketones improve the body’s own synthesis of antioxidants, and, exercise does cause an increase in oxidative damage so how about some extra glutathione production by “yourself” to offset it?

Because I was asked for a shake, I didn’t just do my usual Ketones plus water in a bottle, for this day I also included a few other top notch ingredients with their own benefits:

1.      Maca Powder:  a root that grows in Peru and has a laundry list of benefits - it can help with energy, muscle building and there is some evidence that it may also help with hormone balance.  A little goes a long way so 1/2 to 1 teaspoon is plenty.

2.     Brain Octane MCT: MCT’s (specifically C8) that the body converts to ketones - think of it as a time release source of ketones to follow up the exogenous ketones if you’re using them or just your source of ketones if you don’t have any Keto O/S

3.     Chaga Tea:  A fungus that grows on Birch trees in Northern Ontario, in Siberia and in other cold climates.  Chaga is prized for its antioxidant properties in addition to immune boosting plus there is ongoing research on its anti cancer properties. 

4.    Cold Brew Coffee:  Keto O/S is best served cold and I’m always looking for an excuse to drink Cold Brew so I used it as the base of my shake. 

5.     Native Forest Coconut Milk:  For more healthy fats and creamy delicious flavour, you cannot beat a good full fat coconut milk.  This one comes in BPA free cans - it can be tough to find but any organic full fat canned brand will do.

The nice thing about this shake is that all I needed was my shaker bottle to mix it up so it’s easy to take with you to the gym and give it a quick shake to mix the ingredients (add your Keto O/S ideally right before you drink it).

The Recipe

1 Pouch of Keto O/S 3.0 Chocolate Swirl Formula

1/2 a bottle of Cold Brew plus 250 ml cold water ( We used Station Cold Brew )

250 ml of Chaga Tea (if you don’t have Chaga just replace with more cold water)

2 heaping tablespoons Coconut Milk

1 Tablespoon Brain Octane Oil

1/2 - 1 tsp Maca Powder

Optional -  add 2 Tablespoons of Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Powder - great for muscle repair, skin, hair and nails! Put all ingredients in your shaker bottle, shake till well blended and enjoy!

Where to get Keto O/S:  Just shoot me an email at nat@academyoflions.com or nniddam@rogers.com and I can help you out.  OR, if you want to order some you can go to natniddam.pruvitnow.com/ca and just place your order, they ship out of Toronto so most orders are shipped inside of a week.

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