Written by Head Coach Richmond Lo.

As we get closer towards the CrossFit Open in late February, our Metcons will slowly wind down from the longer 20-35 minute chipper style WODs towards the shorter 10-15 minute burners. This is where we need to challenge your ability to keep the intensity high.

Intensity is the key.

In a physiological sense, this is creeping in the territory of  anaerobic/alactic system which is the sensation of pain and suffering similar to Fran (21-15-9 of thrusters and pull ups) or running a fast 3-5K. The ability to work up to and stay there is the 'suck' factor that becomes unpleasant mid workout.

Being mentally tough will be key here but that also mean playing it smart. If something is hurting so a joint issue or any restriction of movement due to pain is no good and needs to be addressed. If you don't have the necessary skill or strength then movements need to be scaled appropriately. Listen to your body. Play it smart.

I'd rather have someone scale back from a pull up to either jumping pull ups or declined ring rows than spending triple the time getting one rep and resting allowing the heart rate drop down to resting. Segment out your weakness and work on them in a controlled scalable format then reintroduce them back in when you have the appropriate level. Work on them before or after class if needed.

You are not getting better by doing everything RX. Work on your weaknesses. Challenge yourself. That means either scale up or down. Talk to the coach.

Beyond that this cycle of the programming is where you grit your teeth, tell yourself you can do it, grab and go. Being mentally strong can go a long way. Working smart keeps you efficient. Persistence is invaluable and where the greatest change can happen