Hello Lions. 

For the next couple of Monday's I'll be coaching the 6am & 7am CrossFit classes. Now, I get to the gym pretty early and think it would be a great opportunity to introduce a little Meditation/Mindfulness/Focused Breathing to our morning routine.

I'll start things off at 5:40am on the 3rd floor Studio and we'll wrap just prior to the start of the 6am CrossFit class. No experience is required and the session will be very focused on getting your mind activated so we can use our bodies to their fullest potential - I'm sure we all need that on a Monday morning! 

ALL are welcome and there is no additional charge and no special sign-up is required.

Hope to see you there. Monday, Oct 24th & 31st at 5:40am!!! 

If you have any questions please email dhani@academyoflions.com




And if you are interested in more Mindfulness/Meditation + Movement based classes check out the PowerHour Class every Thursday at 7am.  More details here: http://www.academyoflions.com/blog/2016/9/30/the-power-hour-is-here