Ask any individual who has competed athletically about their experience, and they’ll tell you the same thing: pre-competition nerves or jitters will hit you, hard, EVERY time! While you can certainly predict that jitters are going to occur, you cannot necessarily predict the impact they’ll have on your performance, unless you are prepared.

Bringing your Mental game to your WOD or CrossFit open workout can be the difference between meeting or exceeding your goals, or flopping out in the first minute. So what does this entail? Review the workout and how it plays to your strengths and weaknesses, create a strategy to optimize your performance, and then STICK TO IT! More than this, create a pre-game routine that helps to keep you calm and focused, such as eating a set, pre-compeition meal a given time before your heat, using a specific well-designed warm-up, visualizing your performance or having specific anxiety management strategies such as repeating an affirmation.

On competition day, sticking to your strategy can be one of hardest tasks, as you move out of the realm of objectivity and into the world of meathead-ivity, so set yourself up for success. The more you practice your pre-competition routine, the stronger your M game will get, allowing you to stick to your strategy and crush those open WODS!