You spend at least an hour at the Academy but during the other 23 hours outside of the gym, it is up to you to sit or stand with proper posture. 

What is proper posture? A neutral spine (aka: proud chest).

Remember the things we DON'T want you to do during a deadlift or a back squat, rounding your back (your spine like a rainbow), anterior tilt of the pelvis (booty pop), disengaged abs (gut flowing out), internal rotation of the shoulders (you looking like a gorilla). It’s not a pretty sight, it’s also not great posture.

Things you DO want to look like while sitting at the desk or standing waiting in line:

  • Neutral spine: standing tall, imagine a string is attached to your head and is being pulled upwards
  • Head neutral: looking straight ahead, ears lined up with shoulders (think double chin)
  • Engaged midline: rib cage down, belly tight, butt squeezed
  • Shoulders back: squeeze your shoulder blades back, imagine holding a tennis ball between your shoulder blades

If you noticed, the guidelines we cue for a deadlift or back squat are similar to what you need for having proper posture. So if you train your posture throughout the day, you may just get that next deadlift PR (no promises).