Toronto / By Erin McCutcheon

Mobility tools can be expensive but with some creative shopping, you can do a pretty fine job getting fluid on a budget.

I've found some of my favourite mobility toys at the pet store, dollar stores and hardware stores. Dog toys are great for rolling out on, targeting trigger points and usually run around 6-10$. Looks for things that are hard and bumpy, about the size of a lacrosse ball, Kongs are excellent for this.

Dollar stores are full of great finds. Those little spiky dryer balls are the same as an Acuball (35$) and usually come in a 2 pack. Make sure they're not too soft and take a piece of sandpaper to them to dull the tips. Make sure you don't take them right off as they're excellent for promoting circulation.

Rolling pins and dowel work just as well as a Tiger Tail roller (40$) to get into those tight spaces and upper traps. PVC tubing from the hardware store works well as a tough roller and can be cut to small lengths for travel.

Happy mobilizing!


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