Written by Freya | Academy Of Lions Coach | Toronto

Struggling with double unders?

Let's make you own them for 2016!

  1. Make sure you have the right length of rope. Have a coach help you with this.
  2. Start off jumping on the spot WITHOUT the rope, clearly feeling the difference between singles and doubles. Stay in hollow body and think of getting high without loosing that hollow position (legs straight and together).
  3. Make sure your wrists are spinning fast enough and at the right time! Try turning off the music so you can hear the sound of the rope hitting the floor twice at each revolution. The rope should speed up on the way DOWN, not on the way up, so make sure you see the rope before speeding up for your double attempt.
  4. Stay calm, breathe and be patient! The angrier you get, the worse your timing will get. Good double unders should be smooth and steady, a movement to recover in rather than red lining. So if you get too frustrated, take a break before tying again. A little bit of practice every time you are at the gym will get you there faster than an hour of whipping yourself silly.

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