Toronto / By Nathalie Niddam

Most people have heard of probiotics and probiotic foods, but what about prebiotic foods? They are just as, if not more important to your gut health. So you definitely want to make sure you include these in your diet. What is the difference?

Whereas probiotic foods introduce beneficial bacteria into the gut, prebiotic foods provide types of starch and nutrients that feed the good bacteria in your gut. Getting a good amount of fibre in your diet (35 grams/day) is a great start to achieving this, but as part of that try to include some specific prebiotic foods in your line up.

For example: add some chopped raw asparagus, raw shaved jerusalem artichoke or chopped up raw dandelion greens in your next salad. Don’t overdo it at first, especially with the jerusalem artichoke as it contains high amounts of inulin a particular type of fibre which can cause pretty intense gas and bloating in some people, easy does it, but do it indeed!



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