Toronto / By Nathalie Niddam

As many of you get yourself ready and revved up for Lions League VI this Saturday, I thought it might be helpful to give you a couple of tips to PR your day!

To Prep: The day before, make sure that you eat “your best diet” whatever that may be - and make sure that you hydrate! A dehydrated athlete can see up to a 30% reduction in performance and your hydration status is set the day before competition so drink your water, your lemon water on Friday.  Save the celebration for Saturday night - a night of partying on Friday will set you up for trouble on Saturday.

If you have an event you must attend the night before do your best not to drink too much and do alternate alcoholic beverages with water, if all else fails pop a couple of activated charcoal pills before bed to soak up the damage. Get a good night’s sleep on Friday so you wake up refreshed and ready to hit it on Saturday.

Game Day: Eat a solid breakfast at least two hours before the starting bell to avoid any gastric upset during your first event. Bring easy to digest snacks and drinks to keep you fuelled during the day - Biosteel Pink is a great option to sip on through the day as is lemon water with a pinch of salt or coconut water. Whey protein (or vegan protein if you don’t do whey) shakes are also good for speed of assimilation - and less is more so if you just have a short time between heats, rather than chugging a huge shake have smaller ones along the way.

Stick to carbs and protein and stay away from anything with too much fat as it will slow down digestion and leave you feeling bloated, unhappy and bogged down. Consider, trail mix, a piece of banana, some apple, rice and chicken - just stick to small quantities unless you have a good hour break.  Whatever you do, stick to what you know works for you - I’m sure most of you know this but game day is generally not a good day to try anything for the first time. People may disagree with your methods but if you know it works for you, smile and proceed.

Recover: Rehydrate and get some food in you before you hit the keg, vodka or whatever is on the program for celebration time (now is a good time to finish up those snacks). Book a Float session for Sunday, a massage could be helpful or just a nice easy mobility session to loosen up after what is likely to be a fun adrenaline filled day where you reach heights never seen before - all good but there are often consequences so be prepared! Take some extra Magnesium, some Curcummin, hydrate (again) and refuel…you will have earned it.  Oh and it’s been weeks since I mentioned this - have some bone broth ready to go for Sunday - perfect to help recovery!  Have the BEST time.