Toronto / By Freya Ravensbergen - Academy Of Lions Coach, LL6 Director.

Why register for Lions League? Why not?! It’s a really fun day that not only allows you to push yourself in ways you may not on a regular day at the gym but it also is the best way to meet your fellow Lions!

Lions are known to build some pretty solid friendships together (I’ve been to many a Lion wedding, party and cottage weekend) and those friendships often start at events like Lions League. After a full day of laughing, sweating and competing together we have an all-you-can-eat meal brought to the gym (included in your registration cost). Then we all head to a local pub for some drinks and shenanigans.

Are you on the fence about LL6?

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The biggest question I get from people is “am I ready?!?” If you’ve been CrossFitting for 4 months or more you are ready. All teams of 4 are equally balanced at the draft which takes place with the team captains the day after registration closes. Each team needs a captain, an advanced member, an intermediate member and a beginner member….so beginners are not only welcome, they are crucial to proper team balancing!

There are also team training/prep sessions before the big day so you can ask questions, test maxes and try out certain movements you aren’t sure about. Your captain will be an experienced Lion and can often show you the ropes and will be the one helping the team strategize for each event based of each person’s strengths. And remember EVERYONE has strengths. You may not have pull-ups yet but you may be a really great rower. Or you may not have a very heavy 1 rep max Snatch yet but you may be able to stomach a lot of Wall Balls instead.

The events are made for each team to strategize based on each individual members skills and weaknesses so start thinking about the things you feel might be your strengths, that’s what so great about CrossFit, we are all so different and there is a favourite movement for everyone. (I swear there is even somebody out there who is really, really good at burpees….)

All this to say each Lions League is really special. I’ve been running the past 6 and I find myself somehow still being wowed, entertained and inspired each time. Experiencing the energy, the inevitable PRs, the badassery and incredible demonstration of Lion community spirit is something every member should experience so if you can’t sign up for this one, volunteer or make sure you do the next. Our gym is truly a special place and it’s people like you at events like these that remind me why I love my job so much.  

 - Coach Freya