Happy Friday, Lions.

I have a very quick announcement about our next training cycle.

Every 6-8 weeks a new "Wave" of programming begins.  The goal is to build the Five-S's (skill, speed, strength, stamina & structure)

Year round we work on the Power & Olympic lifts to build the strength & speed part.  And we use Gymnastics & Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) for our skill, stamina & structure.  To accomplish this, we test constantly against past versions of ourselves. 

Next week will be a special one.  From Monday Sep 15 - Sunday Sep 21, all CrossFit WODs will be comprised of very specific benchmarks. We're calling them the "Mean 17"  or "M17."  And we will be doing these benchmarks every 6-8 weeks.


Here's a look:  

Monday:  Snatch 1-Rep-Max (1RM)  / Shoulder Press 1RM / Max Unbroken Muscle-Ups / Max Unbroken Double Unders

Tuesday: Back Squat 1RM / Max Unbroken Pull-Ups / Max Unbroken Dips

Wednesday: Deadlift 1RM / "CF OPEN WOD 12.3" (click to view) 

Thursday: Front Squat 1RM / "CF OPEN 12.4" (click to view)

Friday: Max Unbroken Handstand Push-Ups / Max Unbroken Strict Chest to Bar Pull-Ups / Max Unbroken Toes to Bar / CF OPEN 12.1 (click to view)

Saturday: Clean & Jerk 1RM / "CF OPEN 12.5 (click to view)"

Sunday: Complete any M17 Benchmarks not completed in week. 

***Looks crazy, I know.  And if you're new to the Academy this may all look like a foreign language.  But it's going to be okay & it's going to be fun.  And of course, our awesome Coaching Crew will help you figure it all out. 

This next part if very important:  ENTER 100% OF YOUR RESULTS IN WODIFY.

If you happen to miss an M17 Benchmark don't worry, it won't screw anything up.  You can hit the M17 in Open Time if you have that activated on your account.  That being said, do your best to complete as many as you can.  And if you can't do things like Muscle-ups or Handstand Push-ups yet, don't stress, you will use the time in class to work on these skills. 

If you have a question about this or anything else programming related, please email me.  I will batch all the questions and answer them in an upcoming "This Week at Academy" Podcast.  Click here for the podcast page.

That should just about do it.  Have a great weekend & rest-up for the big week ahead.

Happy training,

Dhani Oks | Owner, Director | dhani@academyoflions.com | @academyoflions @dhanioks