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Bam, here it is.  We wanted to tell the Academy story a bit better and give others a little insight into our world.  We have some great photography from our homie Matt Barnes that captures the bad-assness of the gym along with the warm-heartedness (maybe a real word?)

The Blog & Podcast is really a vital tool in how we can help inform the Lions Community about our events, ideas, products & random observations. We look forward to all of your thoughts & interacting more with us on-line. 


The Burpee Board

Let's start this Blog off with a little bad news.  

So, we're going to throw down some new rules around the Academy.  Nothing crazy, but of course Burpees will be involved.

Here is the Chart that explains it all.  Thanks to our new staffer, Tanya for chalk-boarding this up in the main gym so we can all remember what's on the line.

Lateness:  1 Burpee for every minute you are late after the bell rings
Not pre-registering for class via Wodify: 15 Burpees
Not putting away equipment / leaving a mess: 20 Burpees
Living like a Lion: Priceless

SInce it's back to school for much of the world, we're going to adopt the spirit of old-school rules that help the gym stay functional and organized. Class is in session! 



Enter your results for Oly Workouts & Team Sessions

If you are loving entering your WOD results into Wodify for CrossFit classes, well now you can consistently enter them in for 4:30pm Olympic Lifting Classes and Oly Team Sessions.  

After you sign-in to the class or session, the Workout will show a list of ALL the Lifts and assistance exercises that Coach Alex Varbanov uses.  SInce every session is a little different, you can choose the movements you did that day and enter a result.  

Entering in your lifting results is HUGELY important, as these numbers will determine your progress and also help you to do other workouts better. 



Saturday Schedule Update + New Trial Session + New OnRamp

We're updating our weekend schedule just a bit to fit our members schedule better and to also help your friends get started at the Academy a little bit easier.  

We're starting at 9am on Saturdays now, so the CrossFit WOD schedule will match Sunday.  And, we're moving our Free Trial CrossFit WOD to Saturdays at 12:30pm (tell your friends!)  

The OnRamp program for new members will be completed in a single day intensive BootCamp held every Sunday from 12:30pm-4:00pm.  

Take a look at the schedule below...


9:00am - 10:00am: CrossFIt WOD

10:00am - 11:00am: CrossFIt WOD

10:00am - 11:00am: HPP Team Training

11:00am - 12:00pm: CrossFIt WOD

12:30pm - 1:30pm:  Free Trial CrossFIt WOD



9:00am - 10:00am: CrossFIt WOD

10:00am - 11:00am: CrossFIt WOD

11:00am - 12:00pm: CrossFIt WOD

12:30pm - 4:00pm:  CrossFit OnRamp BootCamp



Nat's Nutrition Tips

Try swapping coffee for Matcha Tea - Matcha provides 4-6 hours of energy with no insulin spike, no crash AND pre workout has been shown to increase fat burning by up to 25% PLUS it comes with a host of other health benefits including buckets of antioxidants - GO MATCHA!!

Nathalie Niddam is the Academy Of Lions Nutrition Coach.



So, Jerky walks into a Bar


We've been highly anticipating the latest offering from Steve's Originals, famous for their PaleoKits and other great products.  The PaleoBar! Gluten-free and grainless, is the latest addition to our Academy of Lions Store. offering 16 grams of protein and no added preservatives, artificial sweeteners or refined sugar. PaleoBar is a great way to start the day with a cup of coffee or the perfect protein-packed snack post workout. Oh and it contains Steve's famous Jerky.  It tastes fantastic and is now on sale for $5.49. 


Manhire Vs. Jenny MC

Every Thursday evening rain or shine, we run. You may or may not know this, but we have a member who is here to support this great event. Jenny McConnell is an avid runner, fellow lion, all around sweet person AND the co-leader of our Run Crew! We sat down recently for a Cawfee Tawk in our re-vamped cafe space, to chat about running and community.

Manhire: what is it about the Academy that inspired you to get more involved?

Jenny: The Academy is all about community and I wanted to bring running (which is a big part of who I am) into the picture and offer a different aspect of athletic training here. We already had an amazing Run Crew started, I want to evolve it.

M: what do you love about running?

J: it's so accessible. Anybody can just put on shoes, go and do it. I was introduced to group running via The Parkdale RoadRunners and running has been my training focus ever since. It's such a personal sport in the sense that you can train as hard or light as you want. You can get away from it all or surround yourself with some of the most amazing like-minded people. It's exhausting and that feeling is so powerful.

M: what are your goals in regards to developing the Lion Run Crew?

J: Growth. I want to be there for people and support them into venturing outside their comfort zone. There is so much capacity within these walls to facilitate people breaking their pre-conceived limits. I feel there is an intimidation factor and I want to break that down and offer an experience that is easy-going and rewarding.

M: when is all this going down?

J: every Thursday night at 8pm! It's free for members and non-members, so challenge a friend to join you!! We run a different route every week, it's a really engaging and fantastic way to experience the West end of our city.

M: awesome! Anything to add?

J: yes! Every six weeks we do the Lions Loop, a kilometre run that we record the timed results so you can measure your development. The next loop is Thursday the 4th.


The Academy of Lions is much more than just a place to come work out, this goes without saying as many of you know. We are a community of healthy, supportive and sweet people that experience successes and failures together and we keep clapping and cheering until the last man or woman is done.

Jenny will be running in the Lehigh Valley Marathon in Pensilvania on Sunday, Spetember 7th, make sure to follow her Instagram(@jenny_mc) to see all the details. We're all behind you Jenny!!



Shoe of the Week

Every week, we'll feature a new INOV8 that is on Sale at the Academy Store or On-Line.

The Bare-X 180 is designed for pure minimalist runners with a 0mm differential keeping the foot as close to the ground as possible. A 3mm sticky rubber outsole and no midsole offers a stable platform for performance when running on tarmac. Comes in Blue/White or Red/Grey.  

$97.50 was $135. Click here to see more or purchase.





Workouts Of The Week

All the WODs for each week can be seen in a couple of ways. You can see them on this website in written form.  Or if you are a member, you can scroll through them in Wodify any time you want. 


Academy Of Lions Radio

On this episode of Academy of Lions Radio Brian Cauley and Dhani Oks talk about pushing yourself past safety to the place where mistakes happen. Whether its in the gym or daily life, embracing that failure happens and learning from that failure is an important step. Brian and Dhani dissect what you gain when you realize failure is an opportunity, using personal examples and anecdote to provide insight that is hopefully useful to you too.

In the Workouts-of-the-Week companion audio, Brian and Dhani go over the de-load week, and using this as an opportunity to focus on technique and move differently.

Listen to the Episode here:

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Listen to the "Workouts of the Week" Companion Episode here:

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