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From the Mouth of Manhire

Matt Manhire, is part of the Academy Crew and can be found working the store, serving up drinks & good conversation. He writes about all things Academy & then some.


Expect to see some exciting a delicious items in the general store's fridge (and community) in the next few weeks. VAMS!!!

Some of you may have had the chance to meet Michael when he came in for a visit last week and walked me through a tasting session of the entire line of Kombucha and kefir water. Everything from the original tea to the cherry/ginseng tea to the schizandra berry kefir water was spot on! The passion in which these drinks are crafted with and the abundance of knowledge that Michael has in regards to authentic healthy living is amazing.

Kombucha and kefir water are probiotic beverages made through a unique fermentation process. Kombucha typically is made by culturing tea over a 2 week period, whereas Kefir water goes more quickly in a 48 hour fermentation. Traditionally Kombucha is cultured tea, whereas kefir water is fermented fruit juice.

Michael and his wife Vannessa began brewing Vams out of their home in Parkdale. Inspired by family recipes and a genuine desire to provide tasty, healthy and organic products. Now Vams produces five flavours of Kombucha and six flavours of kefir water with some exciting developments of cold brew coffee and few other secrets that will surely please.

Enjoy Vams as healthy option to alcohol or soda, as a great addition to a meal, as a post workout revitalization, or mixed in a cocktail if that's your thing.



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On this episode of Academy of Lions Radio Brian Cauley and Dhani Oks talk about making lists, working to frustration, and being on your own timeline. Whether its nailing double-unders, not being a slave to emails, or figuring out what you want to do with your life, there's hopefully something in this episode for you.

Listen to the Workouts-of-the-Week companion audio for a breakdown of the week's workout outs, including Turkish Getups, Fight Gone Bad, and more.


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Listen to the "Workouts of the Week" Companion Episode here:

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