The CrossFit Open is upon us - for many this is the most exciting time of the year. It all begins with The OPEN, which is an inclusive and friendly competition with 2 main categories: RX (intermediate to advanced) and Scaled (novice to intermediate.) There are also divisions for Teens and Masters aged participants.



If you want to know if the OPEN will kill you or make you stronger, check out our M17 Benchmarking system, which tells anyone training at the Academy if they're prepared or what they need to work on -  www.academyoflions.com/mean17. Typically any member who has achieved Level 3 [M17] or higher is ready AND encouraged to test their skills & limits. If you're not sure, just ask any of the other coaches, we LOVE to talk about this stuff! Last year, we had about 100 members competing in The OPEN, and we hope to exceed that this in 2016! 



Academy Founder Dhani Oks & Freya Ravensbergen talk about everything to do with The OPEN, including some great stories and some naughty things. Click the button below to get the facts and get a feeling for what it's all about.



The CrossFit Games (games.crossfit.com) was created by CrossFit HQ (crossfit.com) to give everyone on the planet a chance to test themselves against others in their region, country and world. It's about finding the best of the best, BUT this 5-week competition is REALLY about inspiring individuals of every level to do more than they believed ever possible. CrossFit HQ starts releasing the workouts to the world (and all CrossFIt Affiliated Gyms) on Thursday, February 25th. We, at the Academy, do what we always do... turn it into a big party!



Every year, we elevate the regular CrossFit OPEN competition, by providing NEW PROGRAMMING to make participants feel mentally & physically prepared.  We create new classes, offer in-depth coaching, spark community, make souvenirs, provide prizes & host after-parties.

During The OPEN on FRIDAYS starting at 8:30pm, we hold a "pep rally" better known as, Friday Night Lights where I will go over the movements standards of the announced WOD and give performance tips and strategies.  

SUNDAYS is where the magic happens - we call it the SUNDAY SCORING SESSION. Starting at 1:00pm participants meet as a Team and compete in judged heats starting that go till 3-5pm. Each heat is usually 15 mins-30 minutes long depending on what kind of WOD CrossFit HQ programs for the week.  Participants arrive about an hour before their heat begins AND stay the afternoon to cheer on the others, and then go for drinks/food/hangouts at a pub nearby.

This is how it goes for 5 wonderful & challenging weeks.  In some instances, participants are not able to make the SUNDAY SCORING SESSION, and in that case, they can arrange to get scored by a verified judge anytime between the WOD announcement on Thursday and the Monday 5pm online submission cutoff. 



Registration for the CrossFit OPEN on its own is done through the CrossFit Games website (www.games.crossfit.com)  CrossFit will charge you $20 for entry into the competition and regional leaderboard.  Academy will provide judging/scoring for MEMBERS at NO charge during the SUNDAY SCORING SESSIONS (or make-up dates.)  

NOTE: You must be registered prior to the cutoff time for the first workout submission. Academy itself cannot register athletes for the OPEN and is not able to take the $20 registration fee - that is entirely done through the games.crossfit.com website.  

In addition to this to the standard CrossFit OPEN registration, Academy is offering an ELEVATED PACKAGE which includes: 

  • 5 Special Weekly Team Prep Sessions (Friday Night Lights) 
  • Commemorative 2016 OPEN SEASON Toque (very Canadian!) 
  • Eligibility for prizes & medals based on individual performance, spirit & community building

Please note, This ELEVATED PACKAGE is completely optional, and you don't have to opt-in to participate in the CrossFit OPEN and be judged, it's just a way to make it all a little nicer.

Costs are:

  • $35 for Members (CrossFit or MetCon Unlimited)
  • $100 for Bootcampers, Privates, CrossFit/MetCon ClassPack Holders
  • $125 for those not currently training at Academy
  • If you are on an Academy Team or SoComm, please email Freya for a discount code (below)




We also need judges and equipment wrangler volunteers! So if you aren’t sure that competing this year is right for you please sign up to volunteer instead!

To volunteer, you need to be available from 1-5pm on a minimum of 2 Sundays from Feb 28th to March 27h. Please email korinakb@gmail.com to sign yourself up.



Freya Ravensbergen / Academy Of Lions Team Coach / freya@academyoflions.com



We'll be updating this page over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for...

  • Leaderboards
  • Rules
  • Schedules
  • Strategy 
  • much much more... bookmark this page!